Gaedhal (gaedhal) wrote,

"West Hollywood" - Part 30

A pool-side interlude.

This is a "Nowhere Man" Sequel -- "West Hollywood
-- Part 30."
Features Justin Taylor, Ron Rosenblum, Brian Kinney.
Rated R and contains no warnings or spoilers.
Summary: "Water-logged." Los Angeles, May 2004.
Disclaimer: This is for fun, not profit. Watch "Queer
As Folk" on Showtime, buy the DVDs, videos, and CDs.
Read the stories and enjoy.

By Gaedhal

Justin paddled the length of the swimming pool and then
paddled back. He'd been doing that for almost an hour,
trying to work off his nervous energy.

It was almost 4:00 on Saturday afternoon and Brian
wasn't home yet.

Justin could tell that Ron was worried, too, although
he refused to admit it.

Ron was sitting in the shade with the script for a pilot
he was scheduled to shoot next week, making notes in
the margins and on a yellow legal pad. But every few
minutes he'd check his watch. Or he'd stand up and
walk into the kitchen. Justin knew that Ron was
looking out the window to see if the Vette was coming
up the driveway.

Justin felt weary and a little water-logged from
swimming. He climbed out of the pool and began
drying himself off.

"What's that?" said Justin, alert to a new noise.

Ron listened. "That's the Vette." Then he leaned back
on the lounge chair, as if nothing were amiss.

"Where do you think he's been?" asked Justin, his
anxiety turning to anger.

Ron smiled slightly. "Why don't you grill him, Justin?
I'm sure he'll be happy to tell you all the details if you
press him about it."

"You bet I will!" Justin exclaimed. He wrapped the
damp towel around his waist.

Brian parked the Corvette in the garage and came in
through the kitchen. He was exhausted and depressed.
He always felt that way when he came in from a lousy
night out, but he felt especially bad today.

Brian knew that he'd been a prick for going out tricking
just because Justin went to dinner with Willi Vronsky.
But Brian couldn't stand to stay at home and think about
it. Couldn't stand Ron's smirks and little comments about
twinks who didn't know what they wanted. Couldn't stand
the thought that Justin had come all the way out to Los
Angeles only to realize that Brian couldn't give him what
he needed. That Brian had lied to him about the condition
of his dick.

But Willi Vronsky? That was a fucking slap in the face!
Willi was the biggest queen in West Hollywood, but at
least he could get it up. And that made him more of a
man than Brian.

He heard voices out by the pool. Both Ron and Justin
were there. Probably talking about him. There was no
escaping it.

"Good afternoon, Baby," said Ron, serenely. "You didn't
have any trouble with the Vette, did you?"

Brian coughed. "No. No trouble with the Vette. It's working
fine." Unlike me, Brian thought.

He couldn't look Justin in the eye. Justin was wet from
being in the pool and his whole body glistened like gold
in the afternoon sun. He was fucking beautiful! It hurt
to look at him. Brian turned to go back into the house.

"Brian!" Justin called. "Aren't you going to say anything?"

He stopped. "About what?" Brian asked.

"About where the fuck you were! That's what!" Justin
insisted. "I've been worried about you since I got home
last night! Don't you turn your cellphone on when you
leave the house?"

"I didn't think anyone would want to call me," Brian
said blandly. "What for? You were out for the evening.
I told Ron I was going out. Now I'm back. What's the
fucking big deal?"

Justin walked over to Brian and touched his arm. "You
were gone all night. Where were you?"

"With a friend," said Brian. "You don't know him. What
difference does it make, Justin? You had a date and I had
one, too."

"Who were you with, Brian?" Justin asked again. Brian
looked tired and pale. He didn't seem very well. Worry
began to overpower Justin's anger. "I called Diane this
morning and I know you weren't over there."

"I said that I was with a friend. So why do you give a damn?"
Brian retorted bitterly. "Didn't you get what you wanted
last night? Although I could have told you that Willi's
reputation as a stud is decidedly less than stellar. Or did
he introduce you to a couple of tops who were more than
able to do the job?"

Ron made a snorting noise from his lounge chair and
Justin shot him a dirty look.

"Brian, I went out to dinner with Willi because he asked
me! I thought it might be fun! He's working on 'West
Hollywood' and I thought it would be nice to get to know
a little about how things work on the set. We ate and then
we went to a club and I met a couple of his friends. I
danced and had a few drinks and then Willi drove me
back to the house. Where I found that you were gone!
Brian! Why?"

Brian shrugged. "Why not? If you wanted to go out to
dinner or to a club you could have asked me to take you.
I've taken you out before! So don't give me a bunch of crap
about why you needed to go out with someone else. You
don't need to apologize to me for wanting to get your needs
met. I've never put a lock on the door, Sunshine. But I
have a few needs of my own. And maybe you can't fix
what I need fixed. So you'll excuse me if I go elsewhere
looking for that fix. Sorry, but I'm fucking beat. I'm
going to lie down for a while."

"Oh, Brian," Ron interrupted. "Charles called this
morning to say that the first read-through for Episode 1
has been moved to this Monday morning. You'll need to be
at the CharDon Production offices at 9:00 a.m."

Brian gulped. "This Monday? But... but I thought that the
first read-through wasn't going to be for another two

"The schedule's been changed. Curtain wants filming to
start a week from Monday. They want to schedule the
premiere for mid-September instead of late October,
so they need to get moving. And Terry Sterling, who is
directing the first two episodes, has signed to do a feature
in Australia, so he needs to get those episodes in the can

"Shit!" Brian whispered. "I... I haven't even had my
costume fittings. Or... or anything...." This was going to
happen! And happen a lot sooner than Brian had anticipated!
Brian felt a wave of anxiety wash through him. "I really
need to lie down."

Brian slid open the glass door and stumbled into the house.

Justin stood there, staring after him. "What the fuck?"
said Justin. Then Justin whirled around when he heard
Ron snicker.

"What the fuck, indeed," said Ron.

"Shut up! What do you know about anything? Who is the
guy Brian is fucking?" Justin demanded.

"No one who matters, Sunshine," Ron smiled. "No one who
matters at all. And it's obvious that Brian isn't doing the
fucking -- not even with you. He's still fumbling around,
trying to recapture his lost erection. But he won't regain
it if he doesn't get some therapy. He needs to get his head
together -- and get it together quickly. However, I'm
willing to bet that Brian's impotence is going to be around
a lot longer than you are, my dear, if you keep up the
way you're going."

"What do you mean by that?" Justin said slowly.

"Nothing. Nothing at all." Ron stood up and gathered his
script and his legal pad. "But at this rate I won't have to
do a thing. All I have to do is wait for you to fuck up and
then I can pick up the pieces. And you will fuck up, Justin.
Because you're young and impatient. And because you don't
love Brian enough to put up with his shit. Luckily, I'm
older and more patient. And I've learned from my past
mistakes. Yes, they were big mistakes -- very big. But
I won't make them again. Because now I know exactly
what I want. And I'm going to get him."

"I knew you wanted Brian!" Justin cried. "I told Brian
you were up to no good!"

"On the contrary, Justin, I'm not up to anything," said
Ron. "I don't have to be up to anything. All I have to do is
wait. And Brian will fall right into my lap when his
precious little twink gives up on him. Because I know
that you will. You're already angry with him. Maybe
even disgusted with him. Brian has been very sick and
he's exhausted, mentally, physically, and emotionally.
And he's also terrified of playing this role of Patrick. It's
going to take every ounce of strength that Brian has and
all of his focus just to get through it. But once you realize
that it isn't all about you anymore, Sunshine, you'll let
him go. Brian will be devastated. And I'll wipe his tears."

"I won't let him go!" said Justin. "That's total bullshit!
Brian and I are partners!"

"Oh, you will," Ron replied. "Like I said, you'll fuck it
up. Brian will realize who his true partner is. I'll win
-- game, set, and match. You'll see, kid." And Ron went
inside to his office.

Justin stood by the pool, dripping on the cement. Ron
was right. All he had to do was be there. All Ron had to
do was sit like a fucking spider and wait for Brian to fall
into his web! That is -- if Justin gave up. Or fucked up.

"But I won't," Justin said to himself. "Because I'm the one
who really loves Brian! And I know he loves me. We've
come too far for me to give up now. Besides, I have my new
personal assistant job that I need to get to work on. And it
looks like it'll be starting sooner than either of us thought.
At 9:00 on Monday morning. For real."

Justin adjusted his towel and ran his fingers through his
sun-bleached hair, settling it. Then he headed upstairs to
show Brian exactly who his true partner was. And it wasn't
Ron. And never would be if Justin had anything to do with it.

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